Have you ever come to a point late in your 20’s that you wonder who you are?
You’ve found yourself single for about the 20th time and wonder if you are destined to keep repeating this.

That was me, a year ago!
When i started writing after a break up, all the raw emotions i was feeling, all the thoughts that went on in my head. All of it. Nothing held back.
I intended then to start this blog, but kept putting it off.
Now a bit over a year later, I’m in a wonderful healthy relationship and i have the time to finally catch up on this blog as i am on maternity leave.

Its amazing now to look back at everything i was going through in April 2016 and how much has changed now that it’s June 2017.



Writing is my outlet and my passion.
This blog is a very real, raw and honest look at life from my perspective.

My dream is to work from home by creating a small business dedicate to providing affordable, modern, safe baby toys. Find out more and help my dream become a reality by clicking on the link below.

My Business dream